COVID-19 Related Request For Accommodation Or Workplace Adjustment

General Information

UCLA's response to the COVID-19 pandemic is designed to sustain our important mission of education and research while considering the health and safety of our faculty, students, and staff. Click here for all UCLA COVID-19 response updates.

During this COVID-19 pandemic, employees who are at increased risk of severe illness from COVID-19 may request reasonable accommodations or workplace adjustments. This includes employees who are older adults and are at increased risk due to age and/or who are at increased risk due to underlying medical conditions. Please check the CDC's COVID-19 website for the most up to date information about people at increased for severe illnesse. People Who Are at Increased Risk for Severe Illness

Employees may also request workplace adjustments based on other circumstances not related to being in the increased risk category. See below “Requests Unrelated to Employees at Increased Risk”. 

Requests Related to Employees at Increased Risk

If you are requesting an accommodation based on your own underlying medical condition, Disability Management Consultants can provide guidance and assistance to identify reasonable accommodations that could reduce COVID-19 related risks. Our Consultants facilitate interactive meetings and dialogue with the employee and their supervisor. Requests are identified, determined and implemented collaboratively. This is referred to as “the interactive process.” As part of the interactive process, the employee may be asked to provide documentation from their health care provider that confirms that they have an underlying medical condition that places them at increased risk for severe illness from COVID-19 (without identifying the specific medical condition).

In general, it is the employee’s responsibility to inform their supervisor that they need a COVID-19 related accommodation. A supervisor is not required to provide reasonable accommodations if they are not aware of the employee’s need for the accommodation. 

We strive to be creative and flexible in arriving at a reasonable accommodation. Depending on the circumstances, some examples of workplace accommodations may include: providing personal protective equipment (PPE); enhancing physical distancing or modifying the work environment; modifying work schedules; modifying non-essential job functions; allowing remote work; or a leave of absence.

The employee shall complete and submit the Covid-19 Reasonable Accommodation or Workplace Adjustment Request Form.  If an employee already has documentation from their health care provider, it can be submitted with their request form.  See Related Links for downloadable copy of the request form PDF.

In addition to the above, the University also engages in dialogue with employees who are older adults because the CDC also identifies this group as being at increased risk for severe illness from COVID-19. Although not qualified for the reasonable accommodation process for disability accommodation solely due to age, employees who are seeking a workplace adjustment for this reason should also complete and submit the Covid-19 Reasonable Accommodation or Workplace Adjustment Request form.

Employees who are at increased risk for serious illness from COVID-19 due to an underlying medical condition and/or their age may also be eligible for certain leaves of absence offered by the University.

All faculty and staff of the Campus and David Geffen School of Medicine may send COVID-19 accommodation or workplace adjustment questions to Employee Disability Management Services at [email protected]

Requests Unrelated to Employees at Increased Risk

If your request for a COVID-19 related workplace adjustment is because you are a caregiver for an individual with a disability; or you have a concern for someone in your household; or because of childcare issues, the interactive process for reasonable accommodation based on a medical condition or disability does not apply.

Such requests should be directed to your department’s human resources or to your academic personnel representative. 

You may be required to complete other documentation supporting your workplace adjustment request. Some examples of workplace adjustments may include, but are not limited to: a leave of absence; allowing remote work; providing PPE; enhancing physical distancing; modifying the work environment or work location; and/or modifying work schedules or non-essential work duties.

Another resource for Staff employees is the central Employee & Labor Relations office. For Campus Employees: Directory of Campus Employee & Labor Relations. For UCLA Health Employees: Directory of UCLA Health Employee & Labor Relations.