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Auto Safety Training

Behind the Wheel Defensive Driver Training

Length of class is based on need and will be determined at the time of enrollment. Contact Orlando Terrazas at (310) 794-8505 or via email. 

Safe Driver Awareness Program

Fleet and Transit sponsors a “Safe Driver” Awareness Program for employees who are required to drive a vehicle in order to perform their job duties. This program educates drivers on vehicular laws, consequences of poor driving habits, defensive driving, and the role of individual driver behavior. We are committed to provide safe driving practices and outreach programs to mitigate risk, lower the frequency of vehicular collisions and reduce campus liability. UCLA’s Defensive Driver Training Programs are the principal method to comply with the Cal-OSHA’s Injury and Illness Prevention Program for those employees who drive.

Fleet and Transit currently uses the Smith-System Driver Training program currently used at other UC campuses.  In order to maintain consistency and continuity our goal is to have all UCLA drivers trained in the principles of the Smith-System. The classroom instruction lasts approximately 2 ½  hours and includes a Driver Study Guide.  For your convenience the class can be taught at a training site in your area and can be arranged to accommodate the schedules of your employees.  To schedule a class contact Orlando Terrazas at (310) 794-8505 or [email protected]

Safe Driver Awareness Program (On-Line Version)

While we strongly encourage all classification of drivers to participate in the classroom instruction we have an online version of the class that semi-frequent or occasional drivers can take directly on their desktop.  To enroll contact June Dickson at (310) 825-1299 or [email protected]

Post Collision Refresher Training

UCLA Transportation has combined efforts with Insurance & Risk Management and Environment, Health & Safety to provide training after collisions (Post Collision Refresher Training). The classroom training will be conducted for employees who have been involved in a preventable collision.

This specific training will be provided on a quarterly basis and is designed to promote safe driving practices, reduce auto collisions and prevent reoccurrence. The course will cover basic causes of auto collisions, identifying contributing conditions, and emphasizing defensive driving strategies. A review of the circumstances associated with each attendee’s collision is part of the curriculum.

To enroll please contact Orlando Terrazas directly at [email protected] or (310) 794-8505.  If you prefer, you can enroll online via this online form: http://goo.gl/forms/It98XdoP9D

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