UC Travel Insurance COVID-19 FAQs

  • March 13, 2020

Who is covered under the UC Travel policy?

University travelers include employees, medical residents, students, fellows, and guests with travel paid by the University.  Personal travel such as vacation travel, is not covered by the UC Travel program.

How can I find out what is covered by the UC Travel policy?                                                                                                                     

The UC Travel generally covers emergency services, so routine health services would not be covered.  The most frequently used coverage is the accident medical and security extraction coverage.

With the COVID 19 crisis, the most common benefit used is the trip cancellation/interruption coverage. A summary of the benefits is located here: 

The benefits summary has an exclusion for “bacterial or viral infection.”  Is there coverage if I get sick due to Coronavirus and have to be hospitalized? 

Coverage decisions are made by the insurance carrier Chubb and we have been informed that Coronavirus is a medical condition, thus if the disease is contracted while traveling overseas under this policy the medical benefit coverage would respond. However, please note that Chubb would have to comply with the local quarantine protocols in such cases.           

How do I pursue un-reimbursed travel expenses?

Trip cancellation/interruption coverage is only provided for international travel and does not apply domestically. 

Contact your travel agent first. If the airline or travel provider refused to issue a refund or a travel credit or charges a penalty for changes for travel to international destinations, travelers should submit their claim through the UC Travel Insurance Program.

  • You can submit a claim for airfare, hotel, cancellation fees, or conference registration for up to $2,000 for international trips (domestic trips are not covered).  Once a claim is submitted, a determination will be made by the UC Insurance Carrier, Chubb, regarding what is covered. Please note that it is the insurance company and not UCLA that determines if a claim is accepted or not.  
  • Download and complete the claim form that is available on the UCOP website.
    • The Policyholder is the University of California.
    • Group Policy Number:
      • Faculty/Staff - ADD N04223810
      • Student - ADD N04223822
      • Education Abroad Program (EAP) - ADD N04834823
    • The program name is the Title of the event you were traveling for (ex. Study Abroad 2020 or International Research Conference, etc.).
    • The group leader is the name of the person running the program (if applicable).
  • Submit your completed form to Chubb:
    • Via fax (302) 476 7857
    • Email: [email protected]
    • Mail: Chubb USA PO Box 5124 Scranton, PA 18505-0556

As part of your claim, Chubb will require:

  • Proof of enrollment in travel coverage/registration of their trips
  • Proof from the airlines that the tickets were non-refundable. Itinerary and the cost of the tickets.
  • Proof from the hotels that accommodations were non-refundable, cancellations fees or could be cancelled with no penalties. Cost of accommodations.
  • Proof that any extension trips were non-refundable, cancellations fees or could be cancelled with no penalties. Cost for extension trips.
  • Documentation that you requested a refund and/or travel credit and denial from the service provider.
  • Whether you were traveling to one of the CDC Warning - Level 3 - Travel Notice countries OR
  • A detailed explanation of how the business activity was actually impacted or resulted in an effective cancellation as a result of the coronavirus (COVID-19). For example, you were traveling for a symposium to a currently unaffected region and the organizer cancels the event because the key speakers from affected regions were unable to attend.

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