Updated On December 10, 2018 - 3:59pm

UCLA Library IT Wins IRM’s Circle of Excellence Award

UCLA Library IT

Congratulations to the UCLA Library IT Disaster Recovery Team as the Fall Circle of Excellence Winners.

As the inaugural department to complete their IT Disaster Recovery plans in UC Ready, they established an alternate disaster recovery site, ITDR teams, and recovery procedures.

Congratulations and great work!



Bill Hackenberg             Project Manager

David Lakata                  Virtualized Applications

Charlie Castro                DR Team Leader

Gaby Mittelbach             ITDR Data Entry

Beverly Scott                  Veeam Back-up Infrastructure and Restore, Print Services

Stephen Gurnick            DR Team Leader Alternate, Confluence/JIRA

Charlie Chen                  Confluence/JIRA Alternate


Not Shown:

Lisa Kemp Jones            Original Project Sponsor

Jessica Mentesoglu       Current Project Sponsor

Andy Castaneda             ITS Core Routers

Cindy Kimmick                NetBackup Infrastructure and Restore

Ed Trejo                           VMware ESXI, Core Storage, Digital Library Collections System

Anthony Vuong              Main Library Website