About Insurance & Risk Management

By identifying potential events and providing tools to manage outcomes, Insurance & Risk Management (IRM) enables UCLA departments to manage risk associated with their objectives. By creating effective risk management strategies at the operational level to reduce our largest cost drivers, we can reduce our loss exposure and protect the resources which enable the mission of research, teaching and public service to continue.

Additional Resources

  • Risk Management
    (310) 794-6948
It is IRM's mission to preserve and protect UCLA operations and resources.
  • General Liability
    (310) 794-6953
    Provides self-insurance coverage for the negligent acts or omissions of UC employees while acting in the course and scope of their university employment. 
  • Workers' Compensation
    (310) 794-6952
    Provides benefits to UCLA workers with work related injuries & illnesses. Benefits pay medical bills and a portion of lost wages. 
  • Property Programs
    (310) 794-6956
    Provides self-insurance for property, automobiles, fine arts and marine for property owned by the university or in its case, custody and control.
  •  Employee Disability Management Services
    (310) 794-8012
EDMS' focus is to keep employees working during and after a disabling condition in accordance with UC policies, state and federal laws.
  •  Risk Management Finance
(310) 794-6949

    Responsible for all financial activities relating to IRM, including development of campus insurance rates, monitoring collections and analysis as needed.
  • Business Continuity
(310) 794-9423

    The Business Continuity Planner works to ensure that UCLA can continue its teaching, research, and public service mission in the event any disruption.