Liability Waivers

There are several categories of Waivers (listed below). The Liability Waivers described in this article have been approved by Office of the President (UCOP). If you're not sure which one to use, contact Insurance and Risk Management (IRM). 

CategoryType of Waiver


For non-University activities using University premises and/or facilities.


For activities that are part of elective classes. They are also for other voluntary activities, such as summer camps, field trips, outreach, recruitment, sports and many more. Voluntary means that the participant participates out of FREE WILL in a UCLA-sponsored and supervised activitity.
This waiver replaces the formerly named "Voluntary Waiver".
Photo ReleaseThis waiver is used when a person’s photo or video/audio recording will be used by UCLA in connection with a news article, educational material, photo exhibition, advertisement, website display, etc. A release is needed whether the person is a professional model or not, and even when they are unaware of being photographed/recorded. If they are identifiable, a release is needed. It is not needed for private photos or recordings.
Registered Campus OrganizationsFor activities and events organized by Registered Campus Organizations.
Performance AgreementThis agreement must be completed if an artist or performer will provide services to the University and payment rendered by UCLA Accounts Payable department. The agreement must be signed by artist/performer and an authorized department representative before sending to IRM for the FINAL signature. The agreement should be sent to IRM at least seven (7) business days prior to the event date.

Important Instructions

  • The size of the type font in the waivers should not be changed, nor should the size of the documents be reduced, nor should the waivers be altered in any other way.
  • Occasionally, someone signs a waiver after crossing out certain portions that they do not like, or they add words to modify the waiver. You should not accept an altered waiver.
  • No one should be allowed to participate in an activity unless he or she submits the signed waiver. A parent or guardian should sign the form if the participant is a minor.
  • You should keep the signed waivers on file for at least two years after the date of the activity. If the participant is a minor, the waiver must be kept until two years after the minor turns age eighteen.

Under construction. UCOP will phase out the current tool 12/31/19. UCLA IRM is exploring alternatives.