Travel Insurance

Trip registration is required for those traveling on official University business off-campus (>100 miles) or internationally. Accurate information on travel plans is needed in order to deliver the services and protections the travel insurance policy offers.

University travelers include employees, medical residents, students, fellows, and guests with travel paid by the University.

*Guests participating in a UCLA sponsored and supervised event with travel paid for by the University.

There are two ways that travel can be registered:

Region/Country Specific Travel Insurance Information
  • Travel to Polar Regions (e.g. Greenland and Antarctica) will require that you provide additional information (return completed form to [email protected]) prior to your travels, including coordinating your evacuation from these areas with United Healthcare Global. Evacuation from these areas can necessitate additional planning and resources.

The Worldcue system notifies Insurance & Risk Management about travelers and their itineraries thus providing critical information in the event of an emergency.  It is therefore of utmost importance to complete your travel profile in iJET/Worldcue upon receipt of your "welcome email".

We encourage you to take the necessary steps to assure your safety.

If you need assistance while traveling, contact:

UHC Global Assistance
(410) 453-6330 (From outside the U.S.)
(800) 527-0218 (From U.S. and Canada)
Please reference your policy number and UHCG ID number when making a call:

  • Faculty/Staff Business Travel Accident - ADD N04223810 - UHCG ID Number 363381
  • Student Off-Campus Accident - ADD N04223822 - UHCG ID Number 363391
  • Education Abroad Program (EAP) - ADD N04834823 - UHCG ID Number 362881

You may also use the Worldcue App for access to travel intelligence and assistance while on-the-go.

Worldcue App

The Worldcue App provides travel intelligence and assistance while on-the-go.

To obtain the app:

  • Search for “Worldcue Mobile” from the App store or Android Google Play and download the app.
  • Sign In to the Worldcue App using your activated Traveler username and password.
  • The Worldcue app

Important Worldcue Mobile App utilities:

  • Hotline Button: Use this button to connect with University of California's 24X7 Hotline Center in the event of an incident.
  • Check-in Button: When asked by UCLA, use this button to communicate your safety during a dynamic security event (i.e. terrorist attack, tornado, tsunami, shooting).
  • Crisis Button: Use this button if you need immediate assistance during a dynamic security event and cannot speak on the phone.  Defer to the hotline button if you can.

Going on a trip? Get global travel advice regarding security, transportation, health-related issues, cultural affairs, etc. with this pre-trip planning resource.

UCLA Insurance & Risk Management has partnered with UCOP and our travel partners to provide a pre-trip planning resource that provides information concerning questions such as: 

  • Is there civil unrest in the country I am visiting?
  • Is it safe to drink the water in this country?
  • What social customs do I need to be aware of?

Global travel tips concerning security, health, culture, transportation, legal, financial and language are readily available by using your UCLA Single Sign-On password at:

As always, be sure to register your travel. This will ensure that the University and our travel partners can provide you with information and services important to your security, health and safety, both before and during your travels. 

Mobile Devices and Data Roaming Charges

If you are traveling internationally and plan to use your mobile device for email, please contact the UCLA Mobile Program at [email protected] to add international features before you leave the country. Data roaming charges without a plan are very high and are applied if international data roaming is turned on, whether or not you actually use your email or web browser.

Data Restrictions

Travelers should not take:

  • Data or information received under an obligation of confidentiality.
  • Devices, equipment, or computer software received with restriction on export to or on by access foreign nationals.
  • Devices, systems or software specifically designed or modified for military or space applications (even if these items are used in an academic setting).             
  • Contact Claudia Modlin at x 42642 or [email protected] if you are taking personally owned equipment or devices of the US for use in University business.

Stay Secure While Traveling at Home and Abroad

While traveling at home and abroad we should use some basic strategies to stay connected and remain cyber safe.  Learn what to do before, during, and after your trips to stay cyber secure:

This manual provides guidelines and resources to lead safe, successful field courses and research trips. The content focuses on risk management issues that are relevant for California-based field courses and research, international trips, research expeditions, and other outdoor excursions. Field sites may include field stations, natural reserves, public lands or parks, wilderness areas, coastline or waterways, or more controlled sites such as construction areas, excavations, or mines. The Field Operations Manual was developed to serve as a reference document and teaching tool as well as to highlight applicable UC policies and State/Federal laws.

Fill out one of the travel claim forms for losses endured while traveling for University business:

Policyholder: University of California

Group Policy Number:

  •    Faculty/Staff Business Travel Accident - ADD N04223810
  •    Student Off-Campus Accident - ADD N04223822
  •    Education Abroad Program (EAP) - ADD N04834823

Please note that it is the insurer, Chubb (not IRM), who administers the claim and decides whether a claim is accepted or denied.

Mail your completed Claim Form with itemized bills and receipts to Chubb (to expedite your claim, please fax it with readable receipts):

Chubb USA
PO Box 5124
Scranton, PA 18505-0556

(800) 336 0627 Inside USA
(302) 476 6194 Outside USA
(302) 476 7857 Fax

[email protected] (medical claims)
[email protected] (loss of personal effects)

If the AIG compliance group does not approve the travel to sanctioned countries, no benefits would be paid under the policy for liability, voluntary compensation, and difference in conditions for automobile liability would apply.

  • Cuba: Requires completion of certificates for each traveler which must be submitted to our insurer to ensure liability coverage. Only the first two pages need to be completed. Submit completed forms to: [email protected]
  • Travel to highly sanctioned countries (Iran, North Korea, Syria and Crimea Region) require prior notification to AIG.  We do not currently have a form for these locations, but please provide the following information to our office:
    • The number of travelers
    • Purpose and length of visit
    • Where in the country/region they will be traveling
    • If the travelers will meet with or be accompanied by government officials
    • This information has to be submitted prior to the trip to the AIG compliance group for approval.

For proof of insurance to acquire a visa for travel, please provide the following information and email it to [email protected]:

  • First and last name
  • Date of birth
  • Dates of travel
  • Travel destination (country or countries to be visited)
  • Additional Information as requested by travel destination’s embassy

Please allow 3-5 business days for your insurance request to be processed