Deductible Schedule FY 18-19

This table provides the basis for deductibles for the fiscal year FY 2018-19.


General Liability  

20% of any claim settlement of jury award, with a $500 minimum and a cap of $50,000.

Employment Practice Liability       

20% of any claim settlement or jury award, with a $7,500 minimum and a cap of $50,000.

General Liability

Employment Practice Liability

For both programs, departments are responsible for all liabilities for fines, penalties and back wages, which cannot be paid through the Self-Insurance Program.

If the total settlement or verdict equals or is less than the established minimum, the department will pay the actual amount of the damages.

(The deductibles are based on the total amount of the settlement of jury award on a per occurrence basis.)

Auto Liability      


All-Risk Property 

$1,000 for most losses; $1,000 for forced-entry theft; $5,000 for non-forced-entry theft; $5,000 for water loss up to $50,000, then it becomes a 10% deductible for the total loss. Please contact the Property Programs Manager for further details.

Auto Property Damage 

$500 per claim.

Fine Arts Property 

$1,000 for all loss except for earthquake; $10,000 if damage is caused by an earthquake.

Marine Property Premium

$1,000 for damage to hull; $100 for damage to trailers; $250 for oars