Updated On April 4, 2017 - 11:46am

New Web-Based Workers' Comp Claim Reporting

Our goal is to roll out this new EFR system campus-wide by September 2016.  Training will be coordinated with all campus human resource departments.  Access to this training Power Point presentation is available online.   This new EFR system is web based and will replace the current Incident Report & Referral for Medical Treatment form.   Although the Incident Report & Referral for Medical Treatment Form will remain on the Department of Insurance and Risk Management website, the preferred method of Workers’ Compensation Claim reporting is via the EFR website.

The website address is as follows:  https://ehs.ucop.edu/efr

In order to access this website, the following is required:

  • UCLA Single Sign On – ID & Password
  • Web Browser must be Firefox or Google Chrome  (Not compatible with Internet Explorer)
  • Employee must be in the employee database (EDB)

**In the event that the EFR website cannot be accessed and/or completed, please contact your human resources department for assistance. 

As we move to a paperless system away from using faxes to transmit paperwork, it is requested that all workers’ compensation claims information be sent only via email to [email protected]

For any questions please contact the Workers’ Compensation Program Manager, Dianna Cumpian, at 310-794-6954 or [email protected] or Workers’ Compensation Claims Coordinator Oksana Nersisyan at 310-794-6952 or [email protected]