Updated On April 4, 2017 - 11:38am

Restricted Access to Fleet Services

The industrial nature of the area and vehicle traffic pose a risk to unauthorized pedestrians attempting to pass through the yard.  There have been past instances of these persons nearly being hit by vehicles and equipment.

CSO’s will be onsite to redirect these pedestrians attempting to pass through the yard (see map in Related Information). Please do not attempt to pass through the Fleet Services Yard. Pedestrians are asked to find alternate routes to their destinations as the Fleet Services Yard is not open to the public.

Your cooperation is appreciated in ensuring the safety of our pedestrians. Stay safe in the coming Fall Quarter.

For questions regarding the closure contact:
Terrance Greenlaw, Facilities Management (310) 206-8732 tgreenlaw@facnet.ucla.edu
Orlando Terrazas,  Insurance and Risk Management  (310) 794-8505 oterrazas@irm.ucla.edu

Pedestrian Safety

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