Updated On May 16, 2019 - 12:54pm

Congratulations to Events and Transportation as the Spring Circle of Excellence Winners

Picture of a group of people smiling and holding the circle of excellence award

Events and Transportation was selected for their early adoption of continuity planning, consistently maintaining a well-organized plan, and mapping support during continuity events.

Congratulations and great work!

Left to Right Front Row: Sylwia Szczepanek, Mike Lynch, Penny Menton, Hilda Valdez

Left to Right Back Row: Bill Sweeney, Dylan Henson, Timothy Banuelos, Byron Mayhan

About the Award

The Circle of Excellence Award was created as an opportunity to recognize the efforts of campus departments to develop well-written and actionable business continuity plans.

Business continuity planning ensures that the University is able to continue its most important work with as little of disruption as possible when unexpected events occur.

Winning departments are selected by a committee of UCLA campus representatives and one other business continuity planner from another UC campus.  The next award will be awarded in the Fall. Submissions can be sent to the business continuity planner Tara Brown. Guidelines for the award can be found at: https://ucla.box.com/v/irm-circle-of-excellence.