Spring Ahead-Time to Refresh Your UC Ready Plans

March is Business Continuity Awareness Month. All UC campuses will be joining this collective effort towards campus readiness and refreshing their UC Ready Plans.

Over 220 UCLA departments have completed plans. This year’s focus is on Action-Items. Collectively the campus has identified over 800 Action-Items.

This is a to-do list of items that would assure continuity of operations. These items range in scope from simply making phone rosters available to developing data recovery plans. We ask you to take steps this month to complete these action items.

Please review the following sections of your plan:
  • Access List: Review the list of people that have access to your plan.
  • Critical Functions: Confirm the information listed and identify a Recovery Time Objective for each of the critical functions.
  • Action Items: Mark off any completed items and delete any that are no longer relevant. 
Your readiness increases our collective ability to recover from disruptions – large or small!

Contact Tara Brown with questions or if you need assistance tbrown@irm.ucla.edu (310) 794-9423