What Is Business Continuity?

What Is Business Continuity?

February 21, 2013

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What is Business Continuity?

Business continuity is planning to do the work you must do, without the usual resources (people, space, equipment, etc.), in the event of some type of disruption. A continuity plan describes what your department does, its critical resources, and actions that can be taken to lessen the impact of these disruptions. A disruption can be:

  • Widespread (major earthquake, pandemic illness)
  • Localized (fire in a building) or
  • Personal (failure of a hard drive)

Business continuity is different from emergency management. Emergency management secures life and safety in response to a disaster or emergency. A business continuity plan is used once life and safety are secure and is used to help you to continue your operations.

To learn more and to access materials to help you write your plan, see our planning resources stored here.

What is UC Ready? 

UC Ready is an online tool that is being implemented throughout the University of California system. UC Ready will assist each department in developing and storing its own continuity plan. Contact us or see our continuity planning resources for assistance.

We also recently transitioned the existing UC Ready plans to a new platform that is hosted by Fusion Risk Management/Salesforce. Contact us for access to the enhanced version of UC Ready.

Why is business continuity important? 

We face many risks to our work and these risks affect our opportunities and our abilities. Our families, our community, our coworkers depend on us to take steps to protect UCLA. What we do today will determine what our lives are like tomorrow.

What is my role in this? 

As a manager for your department, determine who will coordinate the planning process for your department and contact Tara Brown, Business Continuity Planner, to set up an introductory meeting. As a staff member, you have valuable insight into the operations of your department and in the future might serve on a planning team to assist with creating plans.

How do I get my plan started? 

  • Identify a planning coordinator and assemble a planning team.
  • Contact the Business Continuity Planner, Tara Brown tbrown@irm.ucla.edu, to arrange an introductory meeting. After the meeting, you will be given a login name and password for the UC Ready Tool.