Insurance for Rental Vehicles

Employees who use rental or personal vehicles for UCLA business in town or out of the area must follow the guidelines below for insurance coverage. Also, see the article on renting vehicles at UCLA for general information.

Insuring Rental Vehicles for Local Use

Rental agreements made through Travel are assured coverage for the following situations:

  • Physical damage to the rental car
  • Liability for property damage and injuries to third parties arising out of operation of the rental vehicles by University-authorized drivers

Rental agreements made with private rental car companies by a department may not include insurance coverage otherwise provided to the University. The University traveler and his/her department may therefore be exposed to financial loss. See the article on renting vehicles through the University for more information. 

Insuring Rental Vehicles for Use Out of the Area

It is important to comply with the following guidelines when renting vehicles for out-of-area use:

Rental car arrangements for out-of-area business trips should be made through the UCLA Travel Center. Car rentals secured through Travel Services are covered for liability and physical damage through the University's self-insurance program.

If departments make rental arrangements directly, it is important to use a rental car company that has an agreement with the University; see the UCOP link for information on these contracts. Since University rental agreements may change, departments should consult the Travel web-site or UCOP website for the most recent University rental contracts.

If a department makes rental reservations directly using the University contracts, the department should notify the rental car company at the time the reservation is made that the rental is for UCLA business and should cite the Corporate ID number. Insurance will be provided for the UC employee only while on UC business. You can get the Corporate ID number on the Travel site. Please view link.