What To Do When a Visitor or Student Reports an Injury

Take the following steps when a visitor reports an injury that took place on campus:

  • Ask the visitor if they require medical assistance, and call 911 if necessary.
  • Even if the person did not require medical assistance, please call the Insurance and Risk Management (IRM) and report the incident ASAP.
  • If a visitor asks you to whom they should report an incident, please have them contact IRM directly.
  • Obtain contact information from witness(es). 
  • If  possible, take a photograph of the accident location.
  • Complete the General Liability Incident Report and fax to (310) 794-6957 or email it to [email protected] or call the 24/7 telephone hotline at (800) 416-4029.

Note: Never advise anyone that the University will pay for his or her injury or damaged property. Instead, ask what you can do to help the person and advise that the University will investigate the claim.